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Lockout Tagout

The Smart Lockout Tagout Software (LOTO) that Keeps Operations Running

Lockout Tagout

More Efficiency, Control, Safety, Compliance
Less Improvisation, Downtimes, Mistakes, Near Misses  

The Industry Reference for Your Lockout Tagout Program 

Accurate LOTO Sheets

Enroll your teams with smart, easy-to-use software and keep Energy Control Procedures up to date with approval workflows. 

Reduce Production Downtime 

Streamline maintenance workflows by integrating CMMS and putting accurate data at the fingertips of frontline workers. 

Comply with Regulations & Standards 

Standardize information according to OSHA requirements and demonstrate due diligence through a complete history of changes and LOTO activities.

Everything You Need For LOTO Peace Of Mind

The Same Language for Everyone
+ -

Configure roles to prevent mistakes and reference lists to standardize text. Quickly update procedures and enrich ECP with P&IDs, SOPs and images.

An Intuitive Mobile App To Support Your Employees At Every Step
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Use our app from anywhere (even offline) to gain visibility on every LOTO activity. Implement an ECP with step-by-step workflows and instructions.

Avoid Shortcuts, Stay On Track
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A platform structured around your assets, isolation devices and workflows to keep data current across LOTO sheets. Grow worker confidence in your program.

Mission Control Tracks Energy Isolation in Real-Time 
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Access your digital Lockout station in real-time. Analyze and approve every deviation. View rich dashboards about your Control of Work system.

What our users say

"The mobile application is just WOW."
Paper & Forest Products
"CONFORMiT is an essential working tool during the shutdown of paper machines."
Paper & Forest Products
"CONFORMiT's software is stable and easy to use. You can view Lockout Tagout sheets easily from a computer, tablet or cell phone."
Electrical / Electronic Manufacturing

Third Party Integration

Streamline Maintenance Planning
& Activities With Smart Integrations 

Sync functional locations, Assets and Jobs with CMMS
Incorporate LOTO sheets into work orders
Fully Embed ECPs into Permit to Work processes

And more!


Can I transfer my current Energy Control Procedures to CONFORMiT? 
Whether your current procedures are in Word, Excel, Access, home-made databases, etc., our onboarding process, our operational risk management experts will help port data. Using batch import features, transferring hundreds of procedures can take from a few hours to a few days.
Can I use paper procedures in parallel with the mobile app? 
One of the strengths of CONFORMiT is to provide easy access to all workers to critical lockout/tagout (LOTO) information, via the mobile app or on a computer via any browser to view and print procedures. 
Can you give me some examples of key management indicators to ensure that my lockout/tagout (LOTO) management system is healthy?
- Number of procedures used: Does it reflect the amount of jobs performed in your facilities?   - Number of changes requested to LOTO procedures: Try to distinguish the request pertaining to opportunities for improvement and the ones from deficiencies.  Again, does it reflect the activities in your facilities?   - Average cycle time to close a change request:  Is the cycle time reasonable and commensurate to the changes occurring in your organization?   - Number of LOTO procedures validated compared to those in draft or being updated; these data will provide relevant information about your approval process.  
Lockout Tagout

Lockout Tagout

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