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At CONFORMiT, we build simple but powerful solutions for EHS and operations professionals. Our easy-to-use software keeps teams safe and productive, supporting growth and compliance. 

Let’s build a better future together.

A Legacy of Innovation

Our story began nearly four decades ago when we partnered with innovators in high-risk industries, such as mining and pulp & paper, to devise better ways to manage risk.

Working alongside these leaders, we developed deep expertise around hazardous energy control and other critical activities. We were among the first to use software to increase knowledge, turning safety challenges into business opportunities.

Today, we are one of the international leaders that offers a complete set of solutions to help organizations better manage their EHS processes. In the simplest way.

To promote innovation and continuous improvement, we are fully agile and operate under a Holacratic management philosophy, discarding rigid hierarchy and distributing decision-making authority across the organization

Sustainability, By Design

CONFORMiT is proud to be one of the first EHS solutions provider to be named a Certified B Corp, based on a rigorous review of our impact on workers, customers, communities and the environment.

We seek to be a global leader in sustainable technologies that help businesses create a better world. This certification pushes us to raise the bar around sustainability, work environment, and health and safety.

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Éric Desbiens CEO CONFORMiT

Eric Desbiens

Maxime Ouellet CGO CONFORMiT

Maxime Ouellet

Julien Vandewynckl CTO CONFORMiT

Julien Vandewynckel

Ludovic Tremblay Product Expert CONFORMiT

Ludovic Tremblay

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