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Risk analysis

EHS Risk Management software that Lets You See Risks Before they Happen

Risk analysis

More Collaboration, Impact, Accountability 
Less Spreadsheets, Improvisations, Blind Spots thanks to our EHS Risk Assessment software  

From Job Safety Analysis to Enterprise Risk Registers

Gain A 360° View of Your EHS Risks

Achieve an EHS culture of excellence by comparing business units to Identify and prioritize risks, then track risk levels over time.  

Respond Quickly to Your Biggest Risks

Take immediate actions to address your highest risks by reducing worker and organizational exposure to critical hazards. 

Scale Operational Proactivity

Work upstream by involving all managers in implementing risk management strategies that prevent incidents from occurring.

Foster a Collaborative Safety Culture

Raise stakeholder awareness of hazards and use risk registers in incident investigations, safety inspections or defining work processes. 

Prepare Your Team For EHS Risk Management Success

Robust Dashboards for All Stakeholders
+ -

What gets measured gets done. Increase risk visibility across sites and corporate levels and track enterprise action plans.  

The Flexibility to Suit an Evolving Organization
+ -

Standardize risk methodology and risk factors to keep a tidy register and make priorities clear, even as operational objectives evolve.  

Share Dynamic Reports that Promote Dialogue
+ -

Ensure that risk register information is available to key employees via timely and secure reports that can be accessed via QR codes on workstations. 

Track Implementation of Control Measures
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Centralize prevention measures in the action plan module and track implementation in real time through workflows and notifications .


"I love it, I use it everyday."
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"With CONFORMiT, we minimize time spent on risk analysis. The platform is twice as fast as Excel, this savings is not negligible."

Third-Party Integration  


Aim for a holistic approach of risk management  

Sync Business Units & Organizational Structure with ERP 
 Push Safety Measures and corrective actions towards CMMS
Cross-reference risk analysis data with incident logs.

And more!


Should I conduct an organizational EHS risk analysis?
Occupational health and safety risk analysis is essential to ensure the well-being and protection of workers. The goal is to determine the possible causes of accidents and the measures that can be put in place to protect workers. A risk analysis is an important tool to guide the planning of safety measures and prioritize their implementation. 
What type of risk matrix is the best? 
The purpose of a risk matrix is to help make better decisions by quantifying the probability and severity of hazardous events. A matrix may have one or two dimensional scales. The team building the matrix should have a solid understanding of the risk factors in order to assess likelihood or consequence of identified risks. Management teams need to define acceptable levels of risk, since no work environment can be risk-free. 
Why is EHS software better than spreadsheets for risk analysis? 
EHS professionals quickly realize that software solutions provide unique benefits that can be hard to achieve with even the best spreadsheets. - EHS software allows organizations to implement more and customizable risk analysis models, automate data input and calculations, distribute real-time data visualization and reporting, while providing cross-enterprise collaboration capabilities. - Software can also handle larger and more complex data sets and help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. - Additionally, software can be more secure and reliable than spreadsheets, which are susceptible to human error and data corruption. 
Risk analysis

Risk Analysis

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Risk analysis: indispensable for the safety of your employees