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Are you looking for a way to manage more efficiently your EHS programs? CONFORMiT enables your organization to acquire the best tools to accelerate and facilitate the implementation of your EHS programs and their integration into the daily life of your organization.

For a complete Environment, Health and Safety management

CONFORMiT is a leading global Environmental, Health & Safety Management (EHS) solution that puts the power of EHS Risk Management in the hands of the workforce. With 30 years of experience, CONFORMiT addresses the issues of strategic EHS management and the execution of EHS processes in the field.

By addressing critical needs in terms of risks, CONFORMiT EHS software helps companies of all sizes and industries manage their EHS regulatory obligations, minimize risks and provide clear savings of time and money.

Aligned with industries best practices and emerging digital trends, CONFORMiT is building a true EHS culture within organizations.


CONFORMiT offers a return on investment within 9 months!
Here’s how :


Reduce the risk of accident

CONFORMiT EHS software will help your company manage its occupational risk. Good risk management leads to a reduction in workplace accidents and associated direct and indirect costs.

Improve productivity

By improving business processes in terms of health and safety at work, CONFORMiT will help your company save time at different moment in its complex processes. Time saving often becomes money saving!

Be compliant

EHS World is governed by standards, regulations, laws and best practices. It’s often hard to make sure we are 100% compliant. CONFORMiT EHS Software will help your company have complete peace of mind by making sure you are compliant.

Create an EHS culture

EHS Management is not just a question of processes, it is also a matter of culture! CONFORMiT will help your company create a Environment, Health and Safety Culture, with and for the employees.


Features developed to address everyday issues.

Simplified audits processes

Increase your productivity by speeding up your audits and inspections processes and optimize your decision-making with CONFORMiT computerized management of audits and inspections.

Improved incidents and event management

Make sure to be compliant and avoid unfortunate event by taking control of your incidents and accidents management.

Efficient permits management

Better manage your permits and organize information in a logical and effective manner to be compliant with the regulations and applicable laws required to manage high risk tasks.

Corrective Action Preventive Action Management

CAPA : Improve your organizational processes and eliminate nonconformities

Effective risks analysis management

Develop a safe and healthy workplace by properly managing risk analysis in your organization that is to say prioritizes risks while ensuring strict monitoring for effective safety.

Proactive Lockout Management

With computerized lockout management, neutralize all the sources of energy that could be responsible for an accident involving workers operating in hazardous areas of an equipment, a system or a machine.

" Enjoy the benefits of mobility in all your EHS programs management. "

Online and Offline modes

iOS and Android portability