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Audits & Inspections

EHS Audits & Inspections Software that Erases Blind Spots

Audits & Inspections

Move beyond compliance with more relevant data, proactivity, accountability and quality, with less paperwork, guessing and waste. 

Reliable EHS Audits Management & Inspections Software

Streamline Data Collection 

Empower frontline workers to audit compliance on critical topics. See data flow into intuitive dashboards to assess compliance.

Convert Non-Compliance Into Action 

Create actions on the fly, solve compliance issues in real-time and continuously improve by linking action plans to actual conditions. 

Better Reporting, Better Decisions   

Better reports and dashboards thanks to centralized data so you can make decisions with organizational sustainability in mind.  

Improve EHS with Safety Inspections & EHS Audit Software 

Customize Audits & Inspections Forms
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Easily create forms to measure compliance or ensure the effectiveness of security controls, or other subjects, in multiple languages.

Scheduling & Updates Made Easy
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Don't wait for IT to update forms and schedules. We let decision-makers easily configure fields and settings on the fly.

An Intuitive Mobile App that Requires No Training to Use 
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Use our app to perform audits or inspections, to capture details, photos, videos, and inspection paths. Assign Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA) on the spot.

Rich Graphs, Easy-to-Read Summaries
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Clear presentation and text displays help team leaders to act quickly while improving safety inspections and EHS audits quality.

What our users say

"Easy to use and intuitive!"
Aviation & Aerospace
"Our employees adopted it easily."
Groupe Gilbert
"We are happy to have this tool."
Ville Sept-Iles
Mining & Metals

Third Party Integration  

Streamline Data & Workflows With Smart Integrations   

Sync Business Units & Organizational Structure with ERP
Audits & Inspections data flows easily to your BI platform. Push Corrective actions to your CMMS.
Leverage 3rd-party regulatory content providers.

And more!


How can I ensure that employees do proper inspections?
With CONFORMiT, for each observation point, you can add required information for auditors. Using text, photos or videos, you can keep the observation point concise while ensuring standard reporting.
What can I audit or inspect with the CONFORMiT software?  
You can audit and inspect:   - Prevention programs   - Corporate or international standards (e.g. ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001)   - Occupational health and safety processes   - Quality management processes  - Environmental compliance   - Critical control management systems to reduce serious injuries and fatalities   - Machine or workstation inspection routines   And more…  
Can we see sample Safety Inspection Templates and Checklists?  
We have many samples for you in store! Contact us and we’ll take some time together to look at what you need and help you !
Audits & Inspections

Audits & Inspections

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