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Reduce Event Risks with Simpler Permit-to-Work Software


More Control, Speed, Safety, Clarity.
Less Complexity, Human Errors, Wasted Money using CONFORMiT’s Permit-to-Work Software.

Our Permit-to-Work Software: Simplicity Increases Control

Protect Workers from Life-Endangering Risks

Permit-to-Work increases sustainability by translating training programs into daily operations to protect your workforce and your reputation.

Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity

With real-time information on critical activities, workers execute safety measures with confidence and timeliness to keep production lines running.

Get Real-Time Risk Management

Integrate CMMS, Energy Control Procedures and asset risk-profiles to streamline maintenance workflows from approval to sign-off.

Boost the Safety of Your Contractors

Contractors are an integral part of your team, and the specialized, often high-risk operational activities they perform must be managed.

Control High-Risk Activities With Our Permit-to-Work Software

Your Command Center for Critical Activities
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Watch in real-time which work is in-progress and which has been completed while keeping track of mitigation measures and teams needed for implementation.

Enforce Safety Programs With Smart Workflows
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Avoid shortcuts while increasing team accountability with accurate and verified information at each stage of Permit-to-Work issuance and approval.

Always Capture Team Knowledge and Expertise
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Create risk profiles on assets and tasks to standardize information collection, saving time in validation and approval to increase performance.

See Everything You Need for Complex Work
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All the information you need about roles, responsibilities, preventive measures for high-risk tasks and areas covered by Permit-to-Work requirements.


"Critical for our operations."
Glencore CeZinc 
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Third Party Integration


Integrated risk Management for better Control of Work  

Sync functional locations, assets and work orders with CMMS
Keep track of worker competencies and contractor qualifications from LMS
Incorporate safety procedures such as SOPs and LOTO sheets in job packages

And more!


What is a Control of Work Software?
Control of Work (CoW) software bridges the gap between operations and EHS management. It is typically used in the prevention of High Potential for Severity Events (HiPos) and is a key component of programs to eliminate Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs). This type of software allows for management of detailed safety procedures, work permitting and risk profiles for critical equipment and tasks such as confined space entry, excavation, etc.
What type of tasks require a Permit-to-Work?
Permit-to-work management allows you to control preventive measures, safety equipment and work authorizations for a range of high-risk jobs. - Confined space entry  - Work at height  - Excavation  - Hot work  - High-voltage electrical work 
What type of information is captured by a Permit-to-Work System?
Permit-to-Work contains information to ensure the worker safety for specific hazardous work. In some cases, information may be added about rescue plans, attendance registers and required safety equipment, etc. Permit-to-Work usually covers information such as:  - The start date and duration of the work.  - Roles and responsibilities such as the identity of the person in charge of the work, supervisors in the case of confined space entry, etc.  - Preventive measures based on the risks for each task. - Areas for which measures must be implemented. 


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