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February 22, 2018
Demystifying corrective action / preventive action (CAPA)
March 14, 2018
Jean Bruneau

Automated Event Management: Saving Time and Money

For every organization, dealing with certain problematic situations like a near miss, an accident requiring first aid or an incident at the work place is inevitable, just like management of environmental incidents.  

When you find yourself in such a situation, as challenging as it may be, once the crisis is handled, you must prepare the necessary documentation for internal purposes as well as for local authorities. Although the task might seem overwhelming at the time, it is possible to get the work done with an automated management system that will allow you to save a considerable amount of time, but also money. What does good event management include? 

Reporting an Event 

An event is generally reported using the organization’s official forms. Firstly, the first-aid record book should be filled, then the initial sections of the accident report have to be completed so as to describe the incident as precisely as possible.  

Investigation and Event Analysis 

Once an incident has taken place, you should set up an inquiry to determine the causes, then analyze the data, and finally, implement the recommendations and corrective actions. 

Documents Management 

If your organization still functions without automated software, you will have a summary of the incident as well as the data collected during the investigation in a Word document as an internal event report. You have to subsequently transfer the information in Excel documents in order to generate accident records and statistics. 

On the external front, your organization will have to provide reports to local authorities in regulated formats. 

You might be dealing with various types of documents such as Word, Excel besides the regulated documents. For a single event, you have several documents related to the same problem, that are circulating and need to be printed and filed. The chances of losing such information are high. Disheartened? Now imagine the same exercise being repeated multiple times in a year, the energy, time and money that it requires. And you have not yet implemented the recommendations and corrective measures to ensure that the event is not repeated.  

Automated Management 

With the arrival of new technologies in the market, event management fortunately seems to be evolving. Information is entered in real time using a cellular device that ensures an incredible speed of action and optimized efficiency. Internal and external reports are automatically sent to local authorities and the statistics are compiled automatically, all with a single software. Nothing is energy consuming any more. The time saved is considerable and it will play an important role in optimizing the tasks of your employees. Less paperwork means more time for interesting and important projects. 

Workflows management 

Configure and prepare your information workflows in order to implement optimal data management while avoiding information silos, allowing you to accelerate the process of getting the approvals required at each step of event management. 

Notifications and reminders 

Thanks to an intelligent management system, you can also configure automated notifications and reminders. Your co-workers and their superiors will be notified in real time about actions to be taken and reminders will be sent when deadlines are approaching or if they have expired. You can finally bid goodbye to delays caused due to forgetfulness which is, quite frankly, human. 

Choosing a Software Adapted to Your Needs 

When you are in the buying stage, keep in mind certain indispensable aspects to find the perfect software for your organization. Several characteristics might interest you, and here are the three fundamental points to be considered while making a choice that meets your needs. 

  1. Easy to use

Do you want to buy the latest software of the season whose technology makes you dizzy? Remember that this software will be used by many people in the organization. Above all, it has to be user-oriented and have an interface that is easy to use and understand. Your workers will thank you! 

  1. Adaptable to the organization

Although similar sometimes, all organizations have needs and situations specific to their areas of activity that require specific services. While choosing your software, ensure that you buy a program that adapts and can be modified based on the changes and the requirements of your company. If your software is too rigid, you will get a generic service that will not efficiently manage your events. 

  1. Interaction between themodules for the management of environment, health and safety 

As mentioned earlier, your software should be fully compatible with the particularities of your organization. One of these needs specific to management of EHS events is the impeccable interaction between the different sectors. Your software should pair data related to the environment with data from the health and safety sector for optimal management and an overall technological solution.  

In Conclusion 

If your event management is done in write-re-write and copy-paste mode, it seems like the right time to think about the possibility of automating these processes to save valuable time and costs.