What is lockout/tagout?

Lockout management consists in neutralizing all the sources of energy that could be responsible for an accident involving workers operating in hazardous areas of an equipment, a system or a machine. It enables eliminating the risk of putting a worker in contact with hazardous energy that could injure and lead to serious consequences.

Lockout management during installation works, maintenance or repairs guarantees physical safety of the workers. It maintains a safe environment for the workers and helps to reduce the time required to inspect hazardous energy.

Lockout is one of the most reliable methods to control hazardous sources of energy. With the installation of energy isolating devices, the risks of unintentional starting are eliminated, thus ensuring the safety of workers. Lockout helps to protect workers, eliminate risks of accidents and avoid the costs incurred by such accidents.

Global lockout/tagout management helps to meet standards and laws and gives the EHS culture in your organization a certain flexibility which is necessary to provide a safe working environment for your employees. It also maintains operational optimization at the heart of the process.

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With the management of lockout, CONFORMiT guarantees your organization efficiency and proactivity in your strategic risk management plan and better management of all your EHS programs set up with the help of the software.


Guarantee the physical safety of your workers and reduce the time required to control hazardous energies.

Accelerate and optimize your lockout management process

Save time in the different stages of lockout management, in the creation and management of worksheets, in planned shutdowns, in various stages of validation with a centralized and computerized tool.

Reduce information access time

The CONFORMiT lockout management features not only facilitate and considerably accelerate access to documents but also ensure greater accessibility and portability at all times.

Keep data integrity updated

Ensure that lockout processes are integrated, complete, consistent, updated and validated by qualified persons. Manage a large quantity of lockout sheets and their records.

Improve and ensure legal compliance

Avoid paying penalties. Our lockout management module provides comprehensive support and ensures compliance to legal obligations.