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Do you regularly conduct audits within the scope of your work? If yes, then it is possible to conduct audits AND inspections. There are significant differences between the two concepts, however they are not always distinguished within organizations.

Companies who wish to have or maintain an accredited system such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or OHSAS 18001 must put in place an internal audit process and must prepare for external audits. In other cases, the audits are only used to validate the implementation of the health and safety prevention processes required by the company.

An audit helps you to follow-up on your processes

Unlike the inspection that identifies the risks that can be corrected in order to avoid accidents, an audit consists in verifying compliance to a regulation, a law or to an internal policy. An audit will closely monitor your internal processes and procedures in order to ensure that a certain number of standards and specifications are observed. The scope of an audit is quite broad, it can equally cover human, material and physical aspects. A health and safety audit can be conducted internally or by appointing an external auditor.

You need a tool that allows you to establish the processes to be audited, to make the legislative, regulatory and normative watch, to compile the conformities and nonconformities, to create preventive and corrective measures (CAPA), to follow this information in real time, compile data and make statistics and dashboards? No doubt, CONFORMiT EHS Audit Software can make your job easier and save you valuable time.


Computerized management of audits:
towards a better management



Tried and tested features for a complete EHS audit management system

Creation of audit forms

With a view towards standardization and centralization, various standard forms can be created and managed. These forms will be made available and used based on the planned audit .

Management of non-compliance

CONFORMiT helps to identify non-compliances. It is thereafter possible to monitor and correct the detected deviations from laws, regulations, standards and corporate requirements.

Management of field observations

Whether on paper or on your mobile phone, using CONFORMiT allows effective management of your field observations from everywhere.

Compilation of data

The CONFORMiT software helps to rapidly organize results for quick and optimal analysis. In just a few clicks, the software creates graphs and reports that facilitate decision making.

Through management of audits, CONFORMiT guarantees efficiency and proactivity to your organization in your strategic risk-management plan and a better management of all your EHS programs put in place with the help of the software.

" Enjoy the benefits of mobility in audit management. "

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