The environment, health and safety (EHS) expert shall work on the development of CONFORMiT software, and also act as a strategic advisor to our customers.


Workplace - Saguenay office or Home office

The environment, health and safety (EHS) expert shall work on the development of CONFORMiT software, and also act as a strategic advisor to our customers. He/she shall actively participate in external trade groups to validate and improve the functionality of the software. He/she shall work closely with business leaders to align the roadmap of the software with the strategic development of the company.

This person shall be assigned to ensure that the CONFORMiT software meets the standards and good practices in environment, health and safety in the workplace. In addition, he/she shall conduct training and webinars, participate in the marketing strategy of CONFORMiT and support partners and customers in their computerized strategy for health, safety and the environment.


Description of Tasks and Responsibilities

EHS Expertise
  • Ensure compliance of the software with standards and laws on environment, health and safety according to the target markets (Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe);
  • Develop and recommend new ways to computerize EHS management at the workplace;
  • Find solutions regarding aspects of the computerized EHS management;
  • Transmit all relevant information related to EHS to the various actors of the organization;
  • Participate in preparing documents for new projects;
  • Conduct consultation meetings with international clients;
  • Organize webinars and participate in marketing and sales activities;
  • Conduct internal training on various topics related to EHS.

Software Development
  • Assist in the preparation of documentation on features to be developed in CONFORMiT software;
  • Perform quality control on software features;
  • Contribute to the software development strategy using a roadmap that meets the customers’ requirements;
  • Participate in return-on-investment analysis in the implementation of our IT solution.

Customers and Partners
  • Organize and participate in various customers’ meetings as an EHS expert to gather and understand their requirements;
  • Organize and/ or participate in meetings and/ or committees of external EHS experts to validate the accuracy of the development of CONFORMiT software;
  • Participate in certain interventions with customers and partners;
  • Support the team to meet customers’ requirements of health and safety;
  • Advise the operation managers and EHS managers of our customers;
  • Develop strategies to monitor technology and competition.


Required skills and knowledge
  • Know the EHS laws and standards as well as the ISO standards;
  • Have a network of contacts in EHS;
  • Familiar with various software;
  • Have good change management skills (coaching, animation);
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Able to travel internationally.
  • Asset: In-depth knowledge of risk assessment (have managed h&s interventions, risk analysis, root cause analysis, corrective action plan and control measures).

Training and experience
  • Hold a college degree in occupational health, hygiene and safety or a university degree in occupational health and safety or environmental management.
  • Have 10 to 15 years of factory experience and corporate level experience;
  • Bilingual (French and English).


  • Have the desire to computerize the EHS management process;
  • A good communicator;
  • Independent, takes initiative, professional and has a great sense of organization;
  • Loves challenges, generates new ideas and has the desire to improve and develop;
  • Loves and prioritizes teamwork.

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