Take control of your Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Procedures

Be More Effective on your Daily Operations & Comply with OSHA



Get our Complete Guide on OSHA Requirements for Lockout Tagout Programs

Major Challenges with LOTO Implementation



Protect workers from injuries


Gain efficiency during shutdowns


Apply LOTO on complex machinery


Ensure compliance with OSHA

Features To Guide You in your LOTO Program

Gain Efficiency with Device Management

CONFORMiT’s Asset Management Module allows your teams to:

  • Gain time when you create or edit a lockout tagout procedure, by using the list of actual assets on the field
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Prevent and minimize data duplication or mistakes in your safety procedures

Ensure Compliance With Validation Process & Historical Record of Use

CONFORMiT allows to take control of your lockout tagout procedures, according to OSHA:

  • Provides configurable user permissions
  • Provides visibility and traceability to safety procedures used in the field
  • Provides tools to ensure validation and OSHA compliance

Use Health and Safety KPI to Adjust and Improve

Reports and Dashboards in Lockout Tagout Software are there to evaluate the health of your lockout tagout system. It is possible to monitor its performance for each department / sector to ensure a higher approval rate of safety procedures.

  • Number of LOTO Procedures written
  • Number of LOTO Procedures approved
  • Use Rate of LOTO Procedures

Other Features for Lockout Tagout Procedures

  • Mobile & Offline Capability

  • Types & Models of LOTO Sheets

  • Workflow for Procedures Creation

  • Reference Lists

  • Modification History & Traceability

  • Padlocks & Hardware Inventory Management

  • Simple Web Interface for Workers in the Field

  • and much more....

Use our Mobile App to manage Lockout/Tagout directly in the field, in real time

CONFORMiT Will Have Your Back, No Matter Who You Are!


VP &

Protect reputation & ensure OSHA compliance

  • KPI & dashboards
  • Ensure due diligence
  • Empower your team
  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Reduce operational risks and liability

EHS Managers & Coordinators

Avoid the risk of injuries and fatalities

  • Manage all your LOTO program
  • Reduce hazardous energy risks
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA
  • Have better view with KPI
  • Ensure better communication

Maintenance & Production

Be more productive on day-to-day operations

  • Gain time during shutdowns
  • Easy access for the team
  • Efficient modification of document
  • Avoid costly injuries
  • Manage complex machinery

in the field

Apply LOTO easily & work in confidence

  • Access through web interface
  • Make sure you work safely
  • Streamline communication with colleagues
  • Easy modification of procedures
  • Go home happy!

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Why doing lockout tagout?

Lockout tagout management enables eliminating the risk of putting a worker in contact with hazardous energy that could injure and lead to serious consequences.

Lockout tagout management during installation works, maintenance or repairs guarantees physical safety of the workers. It maintains a safe environment for the workers and helps to reduce the time required to inspect hazardous energy.

Lockout tagout is one of the most reliable methods to control hazardous sources of energy. With the installation of energy isolating devices, the risks of unintentional starting are eliminated, thus ensuring the safety of workers. Lockout tagout helps to protect workers, eliminate risks of accidents and avoid the costs incurred by such accidents.

Global lockout tagout management helps to meet standards and laws and gives the EHS culture in your organization a certain flexibility which is necessary to provide a safe working environment for your employees. It also maintains operational optimization at the heart of the process.