Manage risk analysis with CONFORMiT

Risk analysis is the process of identifying hazards, analyzing or evaluating the risks associated with a hazard and determining the appropriate steps to eliminate or control these risks. Proper management of risk analysis is the basis for the development of a ​​safe and healthy workplace. CONFORMiT's risk management software prioritizes risks while ensuring strict monitoring for effective safety solutions.

With risk analysis management, CONFORMiT ensures efficiency and proactivity in the strategic plan of risk management and better management of all EHS programs implemented using the software in your organization.


Proven features for a complete management system


Management of analysis methods

Develop your analysis methods according to your criteria.

Risk analysis management

Analyze the risks based on your analysis methods.

Follow-up management of risk reduction methods

Follow-up the methods for continuous improvement.

Revision management

Revise existing analysis to follow-up.