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Work remotely first, immigrate to Québec later with CONFORMiT

10 May 2023

Telemigration with CONFORMiT

Because immigration in Québec can be scary with long and complicated processes, because coming to Canada can be intimidating, because starting over from scratch with: new house, new bank account, a new job can seem overwhelming, CONFORMiT implemented its telemigration system in 2017 to say: “we are here for you”.

Telemigration with CONFORMiT enables you to start working from your location while your immigration procedures and transfer to Québec are processed. We accompany you in your immigration papers, in the search for a place to live and in your integration in Québec. Since you will have already started working with us remotely, you will already know most of your colleagues and will feel a little less alone when you arrive here in Quebec.

Let’s hear from Farah

Farah started working for CONFORMiT from Tunisia a year and a half before coming to Canada. She shares her story and experience here:


If you too would like to come and live in Québec one day and work for a company that has the well-being of its employees and the world at heart, join us here.

Éric Desbiens CEO CONFORMiT
Written by Eric Desbiens