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I purchased an EHS Software… Now what?

25 February 2021


Many organizations have reported that after purchasing EHS software, they are often left to their own devices. Data importing, functionality questions, and global adoption are pains that many have reported. What happens when the project plan falls flat? Are there additional training fees, additional consulting fees, and scope creep that you experience?

Many have reported that after 18 months or longer, the system that looks so slick in the demo and all those project planning calls is still not deployed.

Where is the support? Where is the customer success advocate that was promised to make your project a success?

If this is you, and there are many out there- you may want to consider breaking the contract! There are ways to successfully deploy the streamlined Health and Safety software that will help centralize your organization.

Come and check out our customer success department – a department with you every step of the way!

Maxime Ouellet CGO CONFORMiT
Written by Maxime Ouellet