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CONFORMiT Achieves B-Corporation Certification: A Commitment to Social and Environmental Impact

7 December 2022
B-Corporation Certification EHS Software

B-Corporation Certification

A big achievement for this independently owned Company headquartered in Saguenay, Quebec, whose goal is to build a more sustainable future for society by providing a healthier and safer workplace for its clients, their workforce, and its collaborators thanks to its transforming technologies.  

SAGUENAY, Canada; dec. 7, 2022 – CONFORMiT is proud to announce its official recognition as a Certified B Corporation®. Earning its B Corp certification reinforces CONFORMiT’s vision to build a more sustainable future and strengthens its intention: to be a global leader in transformative and sustainable technologies that influence and support communities and businesses to create a better world. 

The B Corp verification process administered by the non-profit B Lab measures a company’s social and environmental performance. To become a Certified B Corporation, companies undergo a rigorous review of the impact of their operations and business model on their workers, customers, communities, and environment. They must meet a minimum verified score on the B Impact Assessment. 


“I am a firm believer in sustainable development, finding this perfect balance between the human, the environment, and the business, and creating abundance for society and the community. We have to improve ourselves as a Company, for the world and future generations. I hope this news will inspire other companies to embark on this journey with us”, says Eric Desbiens, CEO of CONFORMiT.    


Since its 35 years of existence, CONFORMiT has made sustainable development, saving lives, and doing more good in this world a priority through its solutions, education, awareness, and local social involvement. With this B Corporation® certification, the Company hopes to continue to accompany current and future clients even further in their sustainability, work environment, and health and safety strategies, and looks forward to raising the bar higher. 


For 35 years, CONFORMiT has developed and marketed Cloud-Based Software-as-a-Service products to analyze and manage environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks to support sustainability strategies. CONFORMiT’s simple and reliable solutions also promote companies’ and workers’ excellence in occupational health and safety management.  

CONFORMiT enables its clients and their communities to provide a healthy and safe workplace while improving their productivity and profitability to build a more sustainable future.  

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Éric Desbiens CEO CONFORMiT
Written by Eric Desbiens