Working for CONFORMiT is a chance to change the world!


At CONFORMiT, we strongly believe that success comes from a competent and united team.
Working at CONFORMiT is all about learning and excelling together.
We place a strong emphasis on happiness & purpose so that together we may change the world!


Frédéric St-Germain


"For me, working at CONFORMiT is about constantly facing new challenges. It is working with passionate people who are interested in the global success of a Quebec company. It’s the pleasure of working with a strong team, which is a winning combination!"

Claudine Côté

Operations Coordinator

"CONFORMiT, for me, is not a job… it is a lifestyle! To be able to work in an environment where we constantly push our limits and have recognitions honored gets me out of my comfort zone and helps me learn more and more. I feel really privileged to be part of the CONFORMiT solution!"

Sylvain Lamothe

Analyst Programer

"I have been with CONFORMiT for almost 30 years and I enjoy the friendly social environment and the freedom we have. What I like the most are the people who work here. They are all enthusiastic and passionate individuals who are not afraid to dream big and to innovate to find the solution to a problem. CONFORMiT is an excellent balance between work, passion, personal and social life!"

Virginie Gilbert

Marketing Manager

"At CONFORMiT, I have the chance to develop my skills and above all let my creativity go! There is always a place for new projects! With a culture deeply focused on fun and innovation, I consider myself very lucky to work for the CONFORMiT team!"

CONFORMiT is a mixture of teamwork, innovation and expertise! Can you see yourself in this corporate culture? We would like to hear from you!