Our Mission: To Save Lives

The CONFORMiT story has been unfolding for 30 years

A pioneer in its field, CONFORMiT EHS software enables hundreds of thousands of workers across the world to work safely. The company behind the software was born in 1986 in Saguenay, Canada. More than 30 years later, the CONFORMiT team has developed, marketed and deployed the most comprehensive environment, health and safety management software to date.

Through incident management, risk analysis, procedures, permits and audits, CONFORMiT business solution allows for the implementing of EHS programs according to a management system that meets the international standards and involves each step of a sound management (Plan>Do>Check>Act).

By addressing critical needs in terms of risks, CONFORMiT software helps industries and companies of all sizes manage their EHS regulatory obligations, minimize risks and provide clear savings of time and money while yielding top-notch safety solutions. Aligned with industry best-practices and emerging digital trends, CONFORMiT is building a true EHS culture within organizations.

CONFORMiT's vision is to digitize the management of risks for Humans and the Environment through a comprehensive business solutions that enables
EHS management from strategy to operations!


Our Corporate Culture

CONFORMiT is a wealth production center, but it is also a group of individuals who share the same culture and participate in the realization of a collective project to save lives. The foundation of CONFORMiT team is agility and innovation.

Our corporate culture translates into teamwork. The personal growth of CONFORMiT collaborators evolved through an in-house sponsorship system called "Make Me Better." The values we advocate (Happiness, Excellence, Create and Collaboration) give meaning to the work we do; they guide us every day in our behavior, our decision-making and our actions.



Our values

Our convictions in sustainable development

With our EHS software solution, we help companies be more sustainable in their daily activities.


Driven to ensure its sustainability and to address the concerns of its stakeholders, CONFORMiT undertook a sustainable development approach in 2015. Therefore, the company is committed to implement all means at its disposal to gradually integrate the principles of sustainable development in all its activities.

Our policy

To work towards a common objective!

The sustainable development policy adopted by CONFORMiT stipulates that the sustainable development principles must be taken into account at all levels of the company. Each employee therefore has the responsibility to respect these principles while performing their tasks and their decision-making. The objectives of the policy are as follows:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of business operations
  • Encourage employees and business partners to adopt environmentally responsible behavior
  • Ensure economic success of the company and contribute as one of its members
  • Ensure welfare of its employees and the communities in which we operate
  • Promote innovation, knowledge creation and continuous improvement of our practices
  • Our actions

    To make a difference every day!

    The sustainable development policy of CONFORMiT includes an action plan over 3 years. The planned actions are in line with the social, cultural, economic and environmental implications of the company and its employees.

    Here are a few examples:
  • Establishment of a creative committee to encourage R&D
  • Establishment of bodies for mutual exchange with our partners and customers
  • Set up a heating, electricity and paper management policy and educate employees.
  • Encourage responsible supply
  • Encourage internships in the workplace
  • Encourage inter-culture environment through various actions
  • Etc.