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Our safety management software offers
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  • Reduce the risks of accidents in your organisation
  • Comply with the standards and legislation in force (CSA, OSHA, ANSI)
  • Being more productive: rapid return on investment
  • Employees work in confidence
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CONFORMiT®: EHS management software to reduce risks of workplace accidents

The health and safety mangement software CONFORMiT® helps companies to reduce their risks of workplace accidents and to provide a safe work environment for their employees.

  • Safety compliance software

    CONFORMiT® is an OSHA compliance software because it meets the requirements of health and safety standards in effect in North America. It is compliant with ANSI, CSA and OSHA standards.

  • Industrial safety management software

    The use of CONFORMiT® software system helps to optimize industrial safety management. It enables companies to manage many aspects of occupational safety management, such as risks analysis, procedures (lockout), work permits (confined space) and audits. By managing effectively industrial safety, CONFORMiT® contributes to maximize safety for workers while increasing productivity and generating a fast return on investment for its users.

  • CONFORMiT® allows health and safety management for all type of industries

    The EHS software CONFORMiT® is well suited for the following sectors: mines, metallurgy, food, oil and gas, chemical, pulp and papers, pharmaceutical, fabrication, manufacturing, recreation and public. It is in operation in more than 175 sites over the world, which made safety management one of their priorities.

  • More than 25 years of EHS management expertise

    EHS software CONFORMiT exists for more than 25 years and has been evolving according to the need of its users, which includes many large North American companies. The team behind it is expert with many aspects of OSHA compliance (lockout management, confined space permit management, risk analysis management and safety audit management).

Finally, this safety management software is a global and centralized tool for EHS management. Its single interface can manage all of our customer’s safety programs, including both data and processes.

Contact us now to find out how CONFORMiT® can contribute to your success by helping to managing industrial safety!