Improve the management of incidents, accidents and corrective measures, while saving time and money.

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According to the International Labor Organization, a worker dies from an occupational accident or illness every 15 seconds. Every 15 seconds, 153 workers are victims of a work-related accident.

What is an accident?

The human impact and economic cost of workplace accident is quite significant: 2.3 million deaths per year and more than 4 percent of the gross domestic product.

Organizations are required to measure and investigate their incidents and accidents. According to the standard CSA Z1005-17 - Incident investigation, the term "incident" refers to “an occurrence, condition or situation arising in the course of work that resulted in, or could have resulted in, injury, illness, damage to health, or fatality”.

The word "Accident" is also commonly used and refers to an unforeseen event that prevents the completion of an activity and, as the case may be, includes or does not include physical injury and damage to property.

Some also distinguish between "incident" and "accident". Thus, an incident refers to an unexpected event that neither caused injuries nor any physical harm.

Why should an incident be investigated?

An incident is the result of a certain number of workplace failures. Incident management processes help to:

  • Determine the causes of the incident and prevent similar events from occurring again.
  • Meet all legal requirements.
  • Establish the cost of the incident.
  • Verify compliance with applicable regulations (for example, occupational health and safety, legal provisions, etc.).
  • Enable the processing of workers' compensation claims.

Incident investigation is part of a comprehensive process for managing workplace accidents. Please refer to our article 5 Essential Steps for Managing Incidents in Your Organization, to know more about the different steps to be followed.


Improved prevention and management of accidents with a computerized system dedicated to incidents, accidents and corrective measures


Accelerate your accident management process

Save time throughout the various steps of the accident management process, from incident reporting to transmission of information, to follow-up, alerts and closing of the file.

Optimize monitoring of your corrective measures

All the corrective measures are centralized and computerized. This makes it quicker to follow up, develop performance indicators and ensure that the action plan is followed both locally and globally.

Ensure accessibility and portability at all times

Establish a culture that promotes the reporting and monitoring of incidents, accidents and corrective actions by facilitating access to the procedure.

Improve and ensure legal compliance

No more penalties! - Our accident management module will take you through the complete procedure and ensure that you comply with the legal requirements.


Features developed to address everyday issues.

Manage workflow steps

Configure the steps in your accident management process according to the legal requirements applicable to your organization, and refine the rules and the corresponding personnel.

Manage incident reports

CONFORMiT allows you to record accidents, incidents and dangerous situations that occur in your organization.

Create investigation forms

Several forms can be created according to the context of the accident with or without bodily injury or material damage.

Manage corrective measures

Based on a specific schedule, prioritize the corrective measures, implement them and compile the completed actions.

Customize reports

Our system allows you to easily customize your reports to meet your legal and / or internal requirements.

Management performance indicators

Quickly view the performance of your teams and follow the progress of action plans and corrective actions in real time.

Through the effective management of incidents, accidents and corrective measures, CONFORMiT enables your organization to acquire the best tools to accelerate and facilitate the implementation of your EHS programs and their integration into the daily life of your organization.

" Enjoy the benefits of mobility in accidents, incidents and corrective measures management. "

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