What is site access management?

Site access management consists of managing workers, subcontractors and visitors access (entry and exit) to a site presenting risks of accidents or injuries, be it a construction site or a factory.

Our online tools and access permit management not only give you greater control over the presence of people with access to the sites, but also a better conformity of their knowledge and their respect of the required standards. This information is crucial for incident prevention and quick responses in case of accidents.

Computerization of your site permits is the most reliable choice to simplify your surveillance and to keep your work environment safe and regulated. With the implementation of our responsible management tools, the risk of injury and intrusion will be virtually eliminated, and administrative management around licences will be facilitated.

With our system control, your company gains essential flexibility in ensuring the safety of any person moving through your business sites, as well as constant compliance.

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Take control of your site access management process.

Opt for a computerized solution for your global management of site access. Don’t delay asking for a personalized demonstration by experts who know your daily requirements.

With the site access management, CONFORMiT allows you to know in real time who’s accessing your sites. Take charge of these people’s safety inspection and ensure their respect and knowledge of the preventive measures they will have to comply with according to each sector.


Ensure the safety of your workers and visitors and reduce the time required to complete access control.

Speed up and optimize your control process

Reduce time during various stages of computerization, from site access management to permit access creation and management for risk analysis.

Reduce access time to information

CONFORMiT Access Management features offer quick and easy access to documents, as well as ensuring accessibility and portability at all times.

Keep data integrity updated

Make sure your site access procedures are honest, complete, respected, updated and validated by competent people.

Ensure responsible management

Our site access management module ensures real-time compliance and increased security.