Why CONFORMiT Solution?

For 30 years, CONFORMiT has been helping large companies reduce their accident risk while optimizing their production activities. From corporate strategy to the field operations in environment, health and safety management, each person in an organization benefits from the use of CONFORMiT!

    For a comprehensive and uniform management!

    *Consistent EHS management at all facilities

    *Compliance with legislation and standards

    *Corporate image of a responsible company

    *Standardized audits throughout the organization

    *Management dashboards


    For optimization of production activities!

    *Strategies and action plan better structured

    *Compliance with standards and laws

    *Quicker completion of tasks

    *Less frequent stoppages

    *Management dashboards


    For increased safety in every respect!

    *Reduction in potential accidents and injuries

    *Data integrity updates and in real time

    *A single interface to manage overall EHS

    *Creating an EHS culture and employee trust

    *Management indicators


    For a system suited to the reality at a plant!

    *Quick and easy access to information needed to work safely

    *Software accessible via Web and mobile devices

    *Less chance of injury

    *Participation in continuous safety improvement


    For an effective software solution!

    *Easy installation and deployment

    *Synchronization possible with other systems

    *Stable software and proven in industry for 30 years

    *User-friendly Web interface for workers

    *Bilingual technical support 24/7

    *A single tool that can replace multiple software programs


CONFORMiT offers a return on investment within 9 months!


Reduction of direct costs associated with an accident

  • Medical costs
  • Indemnity
  • Compensations
  • Administration fees
  • Penalties imposed by authorities
  • Reduction of indirect costs associated with an accident

  • Damages to the environment
  • General liability costs
  • Lost productivity
  • Replacement labor / overtime
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Damage to public image
  • Earnings of excellence aquired

  • Proper risk management
  • Motivation and retention rates
  • Recruitment and integration
  • Integrated EHS culture
  • Rigor and productivity
  • Maintaining knowledge
  • Stress reduction