Comply with WHMIS 2015 / OSHA-HMIS and keep your system up-to-date

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In Canada, WHMIS 2015 is used as hazardous materials information system. In the USA, the system in place is OSHA-HMIS. Both systems are harmonized with the international GHS standard. CONFORMiT software allows compliance with WHMIS or HMIS.

Why manage information about hazardous materials?

The key elements of hazardous material information system are the hazard classification, the communication of hazards through the cautionary labelling of containers, and the provision of safety data sheets (SDS).

Proper management of hazardous material information requires a clear hazard classification, information labelled with hazard pictogram and appropriate terms in order to perform safe work. A careful review of the safety data sheet will provide a good understanding of the product and its effects on humans and on the environment. Training and information are also critical to control dangers and to implement preventive measures.

Our tools allow you to optimize your hazardous material management while increasing your operations efficiency according to the WHMIS 2015 / HMIS. With our rigorous and constant monitoring of the process, CONFORMiT helps you with contamination risks and how to find the best way possible on managing waste disposal.

With access to information available everywhere and at all times, your employees will be made aware of the realities of chemical dangers and be properly trained on structure maintenance and protocols.

Global hazardous material management allows you to respect the environment and to keep peace of mind while complying with laws and requirements. Give yourself flexibility for effective operational management and mitigate incidents. In case of unforeseen events, our corrective action plans will be easy and quick to implement, ensuring you exemplary responsiveness.


Better management of WHMIS / HMIS with a computerized system


Develop a Hazardous Material Management plan and reduction plan

Create a plan to manage and eliminate hazardous material generated by your business.

Analyze Environmental and Human Impacts

Effectively learn about the various environmental and human impacts and preventative measures available to optimize your procedures.

Educate your workers daily

Inform your employees efficiently about the various impacts of hazardous material and preventative measures available to protect the environment.

Document Preventive Measures

Make sure your hazardous material procedures are honest, complete, respected, up-to-date and validated by competent people.


Manage your entire WHMIS / HMIS program and be more effective daily


Manage the records management and distribute them efficiently with a computerized management system.


Make easily the layout of your workplace labels.


Prepare, distribute and control the training content effectively.


Follow in real time the management of WHMIS / HMIS.

With the WHMIS / HMIS management, CONFORMiT guarantees your organization an effective and proactive management of your hazardous materials as well as a maintenance of your system.

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