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In terms of environment, health and safety (EHS) management, work permits are ubiquitous in the daily lives of organizations, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

What is a work permit?

The work permit is a written document that authorizes specific work at a specific workplace for a specific period of time. Permits are used to control and coordinate work in order to establish and maintain safe working conditions. They make sure that all the foreseeable risks have been considered and that the appropriate means of prevention are defined and carried out in a correct sequence.

Work permits are, in fact, control documents that identify the work to be done, the dangers and the precautions to be taken.

Different types of work permits

There are work permits in different types of contexts and for different types of work to be done. Here are some examples of permits that come back regularly within organizations:

  • Work at height permit
  • Hot work permit
  • Excavation permit
  • Arc Flash permit
  • Permit for critical load lifting work with lifting equipment

Why use a software for work permit management?

The use of a computerized system like CONFORMiT firstly allows companies to reduce the risk of accidents. In fact, through functionalities that ensure the identification and control of risks in order to comply with the standards and laws in force, the issuance of permits is done without any hassle for the issuer and for the person who must perform the work.

Furthermore, issuing permits with a software helps to be more productive and efficient and to avoid wasting time. In fact, a computerized system makes it possible not to search for documents, to use pre-established models and to quickly see if the worker has the necessary skills to perform the work. This productivity is particularly noticeable during planned shutdowns or even unplanned shutdowns, as permits are issued quickly without having to go through a process that is too laborious for the entire team.


The computerized management of the permits consists in organizing the information to authorize specific works in order to manage the high-risk tasks


Speed up your permit management process

Save time in the various stages of your work permit management, from setting up types and models of permits to issuing and validating them.

Ensure data integrity and traceability

All work permits are centralized and computerized. In a context of continuous improvement and mobility, it is easier to guarantee at all times the uniformity and accessibility of the different types of permits.

Reduce the time required to access information

The procedure management features of CONFORMiT facilitate and considerably accelerate access to documents. Accessibility is a crucial element in the adoption and the application of these features.

Enhance and ensure legal compliance

CONFORMiT assists you in the implementation of your permits and ensures that you respect the legal requirements, regardless of the type of permit you set up and the process adopted by your organization.


While ensuring the management of different types of work permits, CONFORMiT guarantees efficiency in your strategic risk management plan and better management of your EHS programs implemented with the help of the software.

Features developed in order to meet everyday challenges.

Managing types and models of permits

Manage the workflow of a permit based on high-risk tasks (confined spaces, work at height, hot work, etc.). Also create permit templates to save time.

Managing the development of permits

Create permits in a coherent order while ensuring data integrity and traceability.

Managing the validation process

Validate your work permit according to the type of permit, the standards in force and the user rights.

Managing the issuance of permits

Proceed to the issuance of permits according to the user rights of the software, which reduces the risk of errors and therefore the risk of accident.

Recording usage of permits

Know the usage data of the different work permits used in your organization.

Management dashboards

Quickly visualize the performances of your teams and follow in real time the progression and the state of use of your various permits.

With CONFORMiT software, enjoy the benefits of a solution that adapts 100% to your environment and your daily processes.

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