Resolute Forest Products

Limits in risk management through reporting of near misses and hazardous situations


Before using the risk analysis module of the CONFORMiT EHS SaaS solution, Resolute’s facilities were capturing their risks through worker observations. It was following a serious accident at the Kenogami plant that the company realized that several high severity risks had not been identified.

Fact: workers were exposed to critical risks…

In the past, Resolute relied mostly on the declarations of near misses by its workers to identify and prioritize risks.

A few inspections were also carried out on the floor, but they were not very effective because vigilance was not part of the process. Accustomed to the risks, Resolute’s workers considered floor inspections to be routine. They did not feel at risk. This false sense of security prevented them from thinking seriously and deeply about the risks around them. Not to mention that these inspections lacked the structure and methodology to successfully identify all the risks in the plant.

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A Method That Had Its Limits

This method of risk prevention was subjective, as each employee could interpret and perceive the risk differently. As a result, the assessment was higher or lower than the reality. By using incidents and near misses to identify risk, Resolute drastically reduced their imminent risks. After a couple years into their program, they stopped seeing any new improvements to their incident rate. Even worse, they realized that the program had little impact on their Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF) rate. By focusing its energy on worker-reported risks, the company was missing out on significant hazards. If it wanted to ensure the safety of its workers, the company had to change its risk analysis method and raise the awareness of its workers.

A Solution That Has A Positive Impact On Everyone

Resolute has chosen the risk analysis module of CONFORMiT to improve its risk identification and prioritization process. With the addition of this new tool, all of its occupational health and safety stakeholders were able to analyze risks based on facts and standardized ratings. The implementation of this occupational health and safety software has had a positive impact on all departments.

Collaborative Workforce

“I noticed that when I finish the analysis with the workers, they are more alert. They tell me, I tend to be more aware, pay more attention.’ That’s the feedback I’m getting from them. ” Cynthia Bilodeau, Risk Analysis Project Manager at Resolute Forest Products.

Resolute felt a real impact on the perception of risks among its workers. By being asked the right questions by the analyst, workers are more aware of the dangers around them. These now tend to talk among colleagues to keep the discussion about the safety of their workstation going. As a team, they often propose preventive measures that effectively solve issues identified by the risk analysis.

Benefits For The EHS Team

Risk analysis at Resolute is now done by positions, which allows us to go into detail about each task of each work station in the plant. The EHS managers were able to identify more risks because their analysis went beyond major and imminent risks. By having a tool that makes you think about all the components of a work environment, it is impossible to forget any. The EHS department also appreciates having a more detailed picture of the risks and having criteria standardized at a corporate level to prioritize them.

Leaders Who Make Informed Decisions

With the corporate view, Resolute’s management is aware of what is really going on in its mills. For each position, they can see the associated risks and determine if they are priorities. Using CONFORMiT’s software has allowed Resolute to prioritize risks so that management has a better sense of what needs to be corrected immediately.

“For a safety manager to put hearsay into fact and be able to manage facts with accurate measurements is great! We can start talking about management. Without data, we can just say ‘we think that’ … “ Antoine Bertrand, EHS superintendent at Resolute Forest Products.

Considering that a single Resolute plant can have several thousand identified risks, management must make tough decisions and focus its energy in the right places. With CONFORMiT, Resolute was able to make decisions based on facts and standardized ratings. In addition to maximizing the allocation of human and financial resources, senior management was able to objectively measure the impact of its investments through Risk Reduction Reports.

What will you do to ensure the safety of your workers?

CONFORMiT is an EHS SaaS solution that facilitates the identification and mitigation of risks in the workplace. Its risk analysis module is based on a method that facilitates the evaluation, prevention, and control of risks in the workplace.

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