Equipping and training EHS professionals in the pulp and paper and the wood-processing industries


Saving time, reducing errors, standardizing approaches, and managing risks in a better manner.

Prévibois, founded in 1930, is the only employer association in Quebec found in the Pulp & Paper and wood processing industries workplaces. Prévibois is made up of around fifteen advisors who travel daily to their clients to carry out specialized interventions in factories.

To offer an optimized EHS solution to companies in the pulp and paper sector, Prévibois partnered with CONFORMiT in 2016, and since then has offered the CONFORMiT solution in addition to its range of expert services in health and safety.

Discover Jérôme Laflamme’s and Philippe Rouleau’s testimonials, both advisors specializing in health and safety, with recognized expertise in risk analysis at Prévibois.

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Before adopting the CONFORMiT solution, Prévibois advisors used a risk analysis method modeled in a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) for their clients. This process left a lot of room for human error, especially on the field, and risk of data loss, the switch to a simpler and more reliable HSE solution was essential. Initially, this way of proceeding was adequate, but it had reached its limits.

“The risks’ complete statistical aspect is not manageable in an Excel format, it is laborious work, and the data is lost, which represents a big risk for the companies we serve,” says Jérôme Laflamme. This is without mentioning the inherent risks in information security and the loss of expertise when collaborators leave. Indeed, Excel or Google Sheets files are often the business of a single person who masters them … without sharing them with other collaborators of the organization.


The CONFORMiT solution is profitable and uplifting for their members: whether in terms of risk analysis, incident investigations and analysis, inspection grids, all these tools allow them to manage their entire health and safety.

An Occupational Health & Safety specialist for the past 85 years, Prévibois advises more than 500 companies and brings them excellence in their health and safety management.

As experts in risk analysis, the method used by the CONFORMiT solution is standardized, which makes it possible to quickly assess the risk and substantially achieve the same result, regardless of the person carrying out the analysis.

Speaking of speed, “There is much less time wasted doing the risk analysis: with the CONFORMiT solution, it is twice as fast as doing it on Excel and this time saving is not negligible,” says Jérôme Laflamme, who illustrates his point by adding that “when we compile data, we are not on the field.”

Philippe Rouleau also adds that “the solution is very user-friendly,” users save a lot of time and can deliver the risk analysis report “within fifteen minutes” after the inspection. Previously, the report was available the following day when advisors carried out risk analysis interventions with clients. The change is appreciated by the mill managers.

Prévibois advisors can indeed testify to the shift that companies are taking by moving from simple spreadsheets to a comprehensive solution like CONFORMiT. With the advantage of being able to configure the filters of their choice, their search possibilities take on another dimension, and they can quickly carry out searches, which is a real plus on the field.

For workers who have never used the solution, CONFORMiT is user-friendly and easy to use, according to the observations from Prévibois advisors among their members. Indeed, the solution is quickly taken up and adopted by users. The less training required on the solution, the greater its adoption by the latter.

As EHS management experts, CONFORMiT makes it possible to establish an action plan for risks: assess costs, give deadlines, manage risks … requirements requested by the CNESST. Recently, a Prévibois client identified 183 risks representing millions of dollars. The CONFORMiT solution then made it possible to easily manage them with the action plan. Jérôme adds that “the global vision of the risks is an added value.”

On the field, Prévibois advisors all arrive at the same conclusion: the improvement of all management aspects. Indeed, this allows employees to focus on value-added tasks, to dedicate their time to OHS, and not to administrative management. Their role is immediately enhanced. In addition, the solution allows users to have a perfect understanding of the risk, which gives them more time to identify and implement the most effective corrective measures.

“We have a global vision of the risks; we know where health and safety managers should be aligned.”

Prévibois’ role as EHS advisors is to ensure that their members have adequate management of their health and safety on the field. They quickly realize when using the software that there is a “wow” effect: the users identify the risks and integrate them into the plan, they can also see the follow-up to be carried out, and the reports are very quickly produced.

“When we leave the factory and the risk analysis intervention at the clients is done, we can move on to another task. It made my work easier,” says Philippe Rouleau.


The CONFORMiT solution stands out as a reliable data source to help Prévibois clients with their sustainable development challenges, commonly referred to as “ESG” (Environment, Social, and Governance). It is indeed easy to capture the risks, prioritize them, and from there, become aware of them and identify preventive and corrective measures.

Companies usually invest limited resources of time and money to reduce the risks that have been objectively assessed as being the highest. Thus, they demonstrate sound governance and an ethical approach guaranteeing the workers’ safety. Philippe summarizes: “The dashboard, it speaks!” The ease of “making the data talk” using charts simplifies this whole process.

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