The Chief of Happiness guarantees the success and happiness of CONFORMiT employees, while leading the recruitment, benefits, skills development and visibility strategies of the employer brand!


Workplace - Chicoutimi Office

A team of new technologies enthusiasts, a creativity committee to encourage innovation, a fun-oriented corporate culture, an individual development program: That's all you'll find in the CONFORMiT Team!

How will you contribute to CONFORMiT success?
With Agility 360°, CONFORMiT offers a different and evolving model, focused on the action and based on a horizontal hierarchy. Rather than working according to a model of "silo" type departments, we recommend the creation of different work cells composed of collaborators (we have banned the word employees) who have various roles and skills.

Your role as Chief Happiness Officer will be to ensure the success and happiness of CONFORMiT employees, while leading the recruitment, employees benefits, skills development and visibility strategies of the employer brand!


What will be your daily work in this role

At CONFORMiT, a "5-star" experience for candidates and employees is non-negotiable. After coffee, tea or mocha in the morning, your day will run at great speed!

You'll have to :
  • Establish a strong and proactive business relationship with employees in a "holacraty" environment to fully understand their issues and challenges, in order to support them in achieving organizational goals;
  • Ensure an approach, application and harmonization of agile management practices of employees who support the vision of the organization;
  • Participate in the development of proactive strategies to meet talent acquisition needs and future planning;
  • Manage and coordinate the process of recruiting new employees and posting new positions;
  • Ensure follow-up and continuous improvement of the salary grid;
  • Animate work teams related to compensation, staffing, integration, skills development and the mobilization of existing employees;
  • Participate in the development, implementation, deployment and improvement of policies, programs, systems and tools;
  • Process payroll information and manage the relationship with the supplier;
  • Process and manage group and dental insurance plans;
  • Process and manage employee benefit plans, with a particular focus on maximizing a set of cost-effective benefits;
  • Monitor the cost-effective benefit plans and other innovative benefits that the organization can offer to employees;
  • Offer immigration support for employees from foreign countries;
  • Manage and participate in the employer brand strategy, which aims to promote the CONFORMiT culture to attract new talent;
  • Ensure good relations with the former employees of the company and create a committee of "Alumni" to maintain the relationship;
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of our "Make me better" career advisor program and ensure the development of skills of all employees of the company.
  • Participate actively in the strategic decisions of the company, with the aim of making it a big company;
  • Participate in leadership meetings and immerse oneself in the vision and values ​​of the company in order to transmit them in each of the actions put in relation with the employees.

What you need to have for this job

  • University degree in human resources management or related field.
  • A combination of a minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in an HR generalist role, ideally for a growing company.
  • Possess strong relational and communication skills;
  • Open mind on Agile business models in Holacracy.
  • Business acumen;
  • Strong capacity for influence, initiative and creativity.
  • Excellent interpersonal and editorial skills
  • Bilingual - French & English

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Why working for CONFORMiT?

For a chance to change the world!