A rapidly developing sector, the pulp and paper industry faces challenges of expansion and transformation which complicate EHS management. The use of raw materials, heavy machinery, automated equipment and chemical products require specific attention in the established procedures. Manufacturing of pulp and paper involves high risks of accidents from, for example, use of steam at high temperature and steam rollers. Environment management is also important for the pulp and paper industry which uses mainly raw materials in manufacturing. Analysis of their environmental impact becomes a highly regulated necessity.

CONFORMiT EHS software is adapted to the pulp and paper industry and its specific EHS requirements. Felling of forests and waste water management require the establishment of strict procedures in order to respect the recognized laws. Risk and lockout management is simplified with CONFORMiT which ensures that information is available to all workers. The EHS software allows audits to be carried out anywhere on site and be managed effectively. The corporate solution offers the opportunity to deploy the software to all facilities of the organization for efficient safety solutions. Furthermore, with its various dashboards, CONFORMiT helps to measure production performances and to target the risk zones using clear and user-friendly indicators.


CONFORMiT enables the pulp and paper industries to:

  • Ensure that the workers who carry out tasks in high temperature environment have the required skills.
  • Manage a large quantity of lockout documents.
  • Ensure that the documents are updated and correctly validated.
  • Analyze the tasks and equipment at risk.
  • Inform workers of measures and residual risks.
  • Document the environmental preventive measures.
  • Manage chemical products and contaminants.


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