The term "public" often refers to access to the population. This is one of the reasons for which various types of infrastructures in the public (or semipublic) sector require efficient and optimized Environment, Health and Safety management. Managers and employees must also consider the specificities of the site design, equipment spread over multiple buildings and laborious access to machines. The public sector engages regularly in the temporary recruitment of external teams which requires more effort in terms of information management and communication.

CONFORMiT is entirely adapted for EHS management in the public (or semipublic) industry. Our EHS software allows simplification of EHS program management by ensuring accessibility of documents to all employees and their updates which are very often spread over several sites. CONFORMiT Corporate solution ensures standardization of EHS throughout the organization for effective safety solutions. Risk analysis and management are done directly through the EHS software which also manages incidents, procedures, permits and audits. Furthermore, with its integrated dashboards, CONFORMiT helps to measure performances through clear and user-friendly indicators.


CONFORMiT allows public sector organizations to:

  • Analyze the environmental impacts and risks.
  • Manage safety of various personnel on the sites.
  • Identify the machines at risk and prioritize actions.
  • Standardize risk analysis among stakeholders.
  • Analyze and document the preventive measures according to the sites.
  • Control access to confined spaces, work at height and arc flash work.
  • Manage a large quantity of lockout documents.


Our clients in the public industry



Port of Montreal

Port of Quebec

Marie-Victorin School Board

Jonquiere College

City of Saguenay

City of Montreal

Société de transport de Montréal (STM)


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