EHS in the pharmaceutical industry is subject to numerous manufacturing standards and regulations. Managers and workers must consider the required hygiene rules in the sector such as clothing procedures, aseptic process and restriction of access in restricted areas. The large quantities of equipment, machines of reduced sizes, handling of chemical products and level of automation of manufacturing processes are all difficult to control. Risk management involves the human resources manager (who ensures that each worker receives complete training) as much as the plant manager who is responsible for preventing accidents. In the pharmaceutical industry, transparency of information on performance is important to comply with legislation, thus avoiding any consequent litigations.

Environment, Health and Safety management in the pharmaceutical industry is simplified with CONFORMiT EHS software which ensures availability of information to all workers from the same place. Environmental regulations and hygiene standards are numerous and the EHS software enables companies to comply with them while managing risks at the source. Access to restrictive areas is also controlled and preventive measures to be taken in various sectors are easily identifiable. With its corporate solution, CONFORMiT manages all of the organization's facilities, thereby standardizing its EHS management.


CONFORMiT enables companies in the pharmaceutical sector to:

  • Manage chemical products and contaminants.
  • Audit human activities to ensure compliance with laws.
  • Analyze the risks related to hygiene and machines.
  • Audit the constraining workstations and tasks.
  • Analyze environmental risks.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Provide a simple, structured and efficient framework.


Our clients in the pharmaceutical industry


Johnson & Johnson


Galderma Canada


Boehringer Ingelheim


Unitao Pharmaceuticals


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