In the oil, gas and chemicals industry, Environment, Health and Safety management is fundamental to the proper functioning of sites. The evolution of technologies and the sector itself continually requires new analyses of risks of accidents and environmental impacts. Handling of oil, gas and chemicals is dangerous; risks of accidents for workers and environmental incidents are very high. Safety measures and regulations related to the sector are numerous and must be rigorous, which makes the management more demanding.

CONFORMiT EHS software helps not only to protect the health and safety of the workers but also to preserve the environment. Risk analysis and management become easy to achieve with the use of the EHS software as as well as the management of lockout and various types of permits. CONFORMiT enables the users to comply with the numerous standards and regulations applicable to this sector for effective safety solutions. Furthermore, the safety documents remain accessible at all times from anywhere on all operating sites of the organization through CONFORMiT corporate solution.


CONFORMiT enables organizations in the oil, gas and chemical sector to:

  • Provide a simple, structured and efficient framework.
  • Ensure integrity of data between common information.
  • Manage a large quantity of lockout and safety documents.
  • Analyze and manage environmental risks.
  • Ensure access and use of equipment.
  • Standardize the preventive measures with respect to the sites.
  • Provide proper and safe work equipment to be used.
  • Ensure that the workers have authorization to work in hazardous situations.


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