Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) in the mining industry are a constant source of vigilance for both managers and miners who must deal with a potentially dangerous environment, including: mine shafts, blasting, high-risk equipment including winches, elevator shafts, forklifts, rock drilling tools and other heavy machinery.

In this context, the risk of accidents is high, and as the site grows and the number of equipment and miners increases, EHS management becomes more difficult--especially since managing environmental impact is very important in this sector.

CONFORMiT EHS software is fully adapted to the mining industry in order to simplify the EHS management of sites for efficient safety solutions. It can reduce occupational accidents and provide a safe environment for miners. All documents necessary for the proper performance of mining work are accessible through the software which ensures the information is deployed in real time across the mine site.


CONFORMiT allows mining companies to:

  • Standardize preventive measures based on sites.
  • Control access according to a strict process.
  • Audit human activities.
  • Identify machines at risk and manage the lockout.
  • Inform workers about the measures and residual risks.
  • Analyze environmental risks and comply with associated laws.


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