In the metallurgy industry, handling of chemical products, heat, deafening noise, high voltage electrical systems and all complex processing methods are causes of concern for EHS managers. All complex processing methods require skilled competence from the staff. Rigorous training and continuous improvement are required to avoid physical and environmental accidents. CONFORMiT offers safety solutions for the Environmental, Health and Safety problems workers and managers face in this sector.

EHS management in the metallurgical industry is optimized using CONFORMiT safety solutions software. The management of audits and countless permits (such as a hot work permit) is simplified by centralizing documents in the same place and through the deployment of information in real time. Workers stay informed as to the procedures for the use of each machinery system, regardless of whether the task is performed daily or occasionally. Risk analysis and management are ensured through the use of the software which can also measure performance through its various dashboards. In addition, CONFORMiT corporate solution ensures uniformity of procedures across all sites.


CONFORMiT allows metallurgical sector companies to:

  • Identify live-line equipement / work situations.
  • Analyze and manage risks.
  • Manage site access and inform visitors about the preventive measures.
  • Document the procedures and inform the workers.
  • Audit human activities.
  • Analyze and manage environmental impacts.
  • Ensure that the live-line workers are trained.
  • Simplify the management of audits and permits (such as a hot work permit).


Our clients in the metallurgy sector


Rio Tinto

Steel Dynamics

Elkem Metal



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