The manufacturing sector is vast and Environment, Health and Safety management is a priority for many organizations. Expanding market shares and maintaining customer loyalty depends largely on the image projected by the company. Compliance with standards and regulations on health and safety as well as environmental laws play an important role in defining that image. Robot-supported production chains, evolution of manufacturing processes, small-sized facilities, repetitive tasks, heavy equipment and machinery: all sources of risks that must be controlled.

The manufacturing industry presents several specific characteristics related to EHS that can be addressed using CONFORMiT EHS software. Risk analysis and incident management are done directly in the software, helping reduce risks of accidents at their source. With the corporate solution, strategic information are deployed across all of the organization's facilities, standardizing procedures and other safety documents. Lockout and permit management can also be carried out using CONFORMiT, which helps to maintain all common standardized data between documents when they are updated.


CONFORMiT allows manufacturing sector companies to:

  • Standardize the ergonomic analysis of repetitive tasks.
  • Identify equipement with high risk of injury.
  • Analyze environmental risks.
  • Audit human activities to ensure compliance with law.
  • Inform workers of the measures and residual risks.
  • Manage access in factories.
  • Manage procedures and permits related to the use of chemical products and contaminants.
  • Manage a large number of EHS documents.


Our clients in the manufacturing industry


General Dynamics

Philip Morris International

Thomas & Betts


Bridgestone Firestone

Haynes International


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