Environment, Health and Safety management in the leisure sector is complex due to its operating range. The large mass of visitors who land daily at tourist sites brings an additional challenge to EHS managers as they are in immediate contact with hazardous equipment. Tourist centers such as water parks, attraction parks and ski stations must also manage wide open spaces and adapt to high turnover rates--the consequence of seasonal industries. The variety of activities is also felt within a site, such as the presence of food court areas which are regulated differently from that of water games.

CONFORMiT facilitates proper EHS management in the leisure industry regardless of the type of operation. The information is accessible to all workers across the site. Therefore, despite the high turnover rate, our EHS software helps provide adequate and comprehensive training to employees. Risk and lockout management is also simplified using CONFORMiT, which offers integrated and centralized management. Furthermore, the EHS software allows management of environmental risks and analysis of environmental impact for efficient safety solutions.


CONFORMiT allows industries in the leisure sector to:

  • Maintain integrity of common standardized data between the documents.
  • Physically identify the equipment and closure points.
  • Control access to confined spaces, work at height and arc flash work.
  • Ensure that the workers have the required skills.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of preventive measures.
  • Inform workers about the measures and residual risks.
  • Audit human activities to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.
  • Analyze risks related to hygiene.


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