Regulation in the food industry is dictated by strict hygiene standards, requiring efficient safety solutions. Failure to comply to these may result in serious consequences for the company. Throughout the supply chain, from production to consumption, established hygiene procedures must be respected by all active members of the organization. This can be achieved by a centralized EHS software solution. These preventive measures, from clothing of the employees to cleaning of machinery and workspaces are numerous and therefore require an exemplary organization on the part of managers.

CONFORMiT is fully adapted to EHS management in the food sector. It ensures a safe working environment as well as compliance with hygiene standards required by the sector. EHS software simplifies management of procedures and regulations by centralizing all documentation in one place while remaining accessible across the entire site. Access to restricted areas is also controlled through CONFORMiT, therefore minimizing risks of contamination, for example, by informing all visitors of the preventive measures. Standardization of audits and safety measures is another advantage for the food sector given the number of reports needed by managers.


CONFORMiT allows food sector companies to:

  • Inform workers about the preventive measures and all associated changes.
  • Standardize ergonomic analysis of tasks.
  • Analyze and manage risks.
  • Unify procedures across all plants with a corporate deployment.
  • Audit human activities.
  • Manage chemical products and contaminants.
  • Provide proper protective and hygiene equipment.


Our clients in the food industry



Agropur - Natrel

Delta DailyFood




Molson Coors

Nellson Nutraceutical

Mondelez Canada

Parmalat Canada


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