Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1Why choose CONFORMiT over other solutions?
Because CONFORMiT offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to EHS management relating to both application and the predictive. Through incident management, risk analysis, procedures, permits and audits, CONFORMiT proposes a comprehensive approach through each step of the ideal management system (Plan>Do>Check>Act). Furthermore, CONFORMiT allows you to manage all areas of EHS according to your priorities and your schedules. Whether for management of lockout, work at heights, confined spaces, industrial hygiene or environmental compliance, CONFORMiT allows you to reduce the accident risk at the source while increasing your productivity.
2Does CONFORMiT offer EHS documents model?
Yes. CONFORMiT's EHS software is delivered along with various application products that propose formats, configurations, and reference lists appropriate for different areas of EHS. These configurations greatly facilitate the implementation and update of your system.
3Is CONFORMiT consistent with environment, health and safety standards?
Yes. CONFORMiT was designed to align with the various standards and regulations. With close to 30 years of expertise, our software even exceeds the requirements of standards in effect around the world.
4How much does it cost?
The price of our EHS software varies depending on the installation mode, the number of sites and the number of administrators you will need to manage the data within the software. Contact us for an estimate that reflects your needs.

Technical Questions

1Does CONFORMiT function on mobile devices?
Yes. CONFORMiT's web interface allows you to access information from a tablet or a smartphone. In addition, CONFORMiT offers a mobile application to manage audits and incidents in offline mode on your tablet.
2Is it complicated to install CONFORMiT?
No. Installation of CONFORMiT does not require more than a few hours and it is supported by our team of technical advisors. Moreover, CONFORMiT is a system which does not require much memory. Therefore, it can be installed on your laptop and can function optimally.
3Can we install CONFORMiT in more than one site?
Yes. The corporate installation option allows large companies to deploy their software license in their sites worldwide. This option allows uniform EHS management across the company and global management indicators.
4EHS management is a priority for my organization. Is there a way to make sure the software will be accessible at all times?
Yes. For a number of large organizations, CONFORMiT represents a critical system for day-to-day operations. For that reason, a database archiving system and a replication system can be adapted.
5Can CONFORMiT be linked with other systems or software programs?
Yes. It is possible to link CONFORMiT with maintenance management software such as SAP, Maximo, Ivara and Guide Ti. To start up the system, CONFORMiT’s IT team can also import existing data in your databases, such as your entities list or your employees list. Contact us for an evaluation of the feasibility of liaison between CONFORMiT and your other systems.
6Will all employees be able to have access to the software?
Yes. The software’s Web interface enables workers in the field to have access to the safety-related information and documents they need. CONFORMiT uses Windows Authentication to simplify management for your users.

Software Evolution

1Is the software still under development?
Yes. CONFORMiT has a roadmap that provides software development over the next three years. CONFORMiT’s IT team works continuously on development of the software and its functionalities.