¡Noticias del ecosistema CONFORMiT!

21 septiembre, 2016

A group of internal investors buys CONFORMiT!

CONFORMiT announces that a new team of owners is at the head of the company. Managers or employees of the company, the new shareholders are proud to invest in a company that wants to showcase Quebec internationally.

«I am very happy with the success of the succession process. I have great confidence that this new team around me at the company’s head will enable CONFORMiT to conquer the world» says Sylvain Deschênes, president of CONFORMiT and shareholder since 1986.

This announcement is consistent with the opening of a new office of CONFORMiT in the US and the hiring of a first US employee. «I came back from Europe to lead the CONFORMiT team and we made a lot of efforts in recent months. With our aggressive growth objectives, I assure you that you will hear of CONFORMiT in the coming years » says Eric Desbiens, CEO and …

8 abril, 2016

CONFORMiT completes its offer with incident management

With its all new features, CONFORMiT allows managers and workers to report the results of their on-field observations and correct the hazardous situations in a strategic order.

Developed in the same integrated system of risk analysis, procedures, permits and audits management, incidents management complements the overall EHS management process by putting continuous improvement efforts where it pays!

By adding this simple and efficient process that meets the international EHS standards, CONFORMiT ensures quick results and reached just over its mission to save lives!

For more details, visit the incident management page!…

1 abril, 2016

CONFORMiT network continues to expand!

Groupe Alphard becomes CONFORMiT certified partner!

CONFORMiT team is proud to announce the signing of partnership with Groupe Alphard for the sale and implementation of CONFORMiT software, which allows environment, health and safety management at workplace.

“In addition to engineering services, our team offers health and safety services. CONFORMiT complements our offer and to provide a reliable tool to our customers”, explains Thierry Jacquelin, President of Groupe Alphard.

This agreement follows those signed in Mexico and Morroco last year and allows the CONFORMiT team to gain the ground. “There is a natural association between Alphard and CONFORMiT; our values and our management styles blend well. Through its skills, Alphard is an ideal partner to help us to optimize the software in terms of environment management”, says Eric Desbiens, CEO of CONFORMiT.


19 noviembre, 2015

New certified partner in Morocco!

ESAQ became a CONFROMiT software distributor in Morrocco.

CONFORMiT team is proud to announce signing of a distribution agreement with a Morroccan company for the sale and implementation of CONFORMiT software.

“We have evaluated the potential and several of our customers have shown great interest in CONFORMiT business solution. On the African market, no other software offers such comprehensive and efficient management. For our team, this association is natural” explains Mourad Elgaidi, Executive Director of ESAQ.

This agreement follows other CONFORMiT distribution partnerships in the North American market. “ESAQ is our first overseas certified reseller and we are pleased with the synergies of both companies. ESAQ is a proactive team which knows the health and safety field. We have no doubt that this partnership will be a success and will help us dominate the international market”, states Sylvain Deschênes, President of CONFORMiT.


11 mayo, 2015

Signing of an important agreement in Mexico

Vallen becomes CONFORMiT software distributor in Mexico

CONFORMiT team is proud to announce signing of a first distribution agreement with a large Mexican company for the sale and implementation of CONFORMiT software.

“We are very happy to position ourselves in the Mexican market, which has a strong potential for the sale of our software. We have worked hard in the last few months to adapt our product to the Mexican market. This agreement is the first step to enter Mexican market and to dominate it in terms of EHS management software” says Sylvain Deschênes, President of CONFORMiT.

Vallen Proveedora Industrial concluded an agreement with CONFORMIT. With more than 2400 employees in Mexico, this multinational company offers products and services in industrial safety. CONFORMiT software, therefore, fits perfectly in their current offer.