CONFORMiT completes its offer with incident management

CONFORMiT network continues to expand!
1 abril, 2016
A group of internal investors buys CONFORMiT!
21 septiembre, 2016

CONFORMiT completes its offer with incident management

With its all new features, CONFORMiT allows managers and workers to report the results of their on-field observations and correct the hazardous situations in a strategic order.

Developed in the same integrated system of risk analysis, procedures, permits and audits management, incidents management complements the overall EHS management process by putting continuous improvement efforts where it pays!

By adding this simple and efficient process that meets the international EHS standards, CONFORMiT ensures quick results and reached just over its mission to save lives!

For more details, visit the incident management page!