Virginie Gilbert

21 septiembre, 2016

A group of internal investors buys CONFORMiT!

CONFORMiT announces that a new team of owners is at the head of the company. Managers or employees of the company, the new shareholders are proud to invest in a company that wants to showcase Quebec internationally.

«I am very happy with the success of the succession process. I have great confidence that this new team around me at the company’s head will enable CONFORMiT to conquer the world» says Sylvain Deschênes, president of CONFORMiT and shareholder since 1986.

This announcement is consistent with the opening of a new office of CONFORMiT in the US and the hiring of a first US employee. «I came back from Europe to lead the CONFORMiT team and we made a lot of efforts in recent months. With our aggressive growth objectives, I assure you that you will hear of CONFORMiT in the coming years » says Eric Desbiens, CEO and …