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Policies and procedures are developed in order to document different practices related to training and equipment management or simply related to different work procedures. Usually, such procedures are meant to meet regulatory requirements and / or to aid research for optimisation of processes.

These procedures are omnipresent in the operational level of health, safety and environment management. Work safety procedures, rescue procedures, health and hygiene procedures, waste water treatment procedures and lockout procedures are a few examples

Why implement procedures?

As far as health, safety and environment are concerned, procedures help to:

  • Identify risks and provide means of prevention.
  • Standardise the use and maintenance of equipment and machines.
  • Standardise and harmonise employee training with appropriate procedures that are safe and compliant.
  • Reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Remain compliant with different regulations.

What are the steps for the implementation of procedures

The formulation and updating of procedures is a continuous process. A procedure is never frozen in time, it is generally reviewed periodically. The following are the implementation steps:

  1. Analyse risks
  2. Identify machines and human interaction
    • Identify the procedure for multiple actors and domains
  3. Draft the procedure
    • Group together similar elements in order to digitalise the information
  4. Circulate
  5. Maintain, update and optimise

The computerized management of procedures consists of organizing the information in a manner that is logical, efficient and complies with current laws and regulations.


Speed up the procedure management process

Save time in the different stages of your procedure management, in the implementation of types and models of procedures, their circulation and their evolution.

Ensure data integrity and traceability

All procedures are centralized and computerized. In a continuously mobile and improving environment, it is easier to ensure uniformity and enhanced access to different procedures at all times.

Reduce the time required to access information

The procedure management features of CONFORMiT enable and considerably accelerate access to documents. Accessibility is a crucial element in the adoption and the application of these features.

Enhance and ensure legal compliance

CONFORMiT assists you in the implementation of your procedures and ensures that you respect the legal requirements, regardless of the type of procedure that you choose to put in place.


While ensuring the management of different types of procedures, CONFORMiT guarantees efficiency in your strategic risk management plan and better management of your EHS programs implemented with the help of the software..

Features developed in order to meet everyday challenges.

Management of types and models of procedures

Managing the workflow of a procedure with respect to the EHS domain and to create procedural models in order to save time.

Management of the development of procedures

Creating procedures according to a coherent order while ensuring data integrity and traceability.

Management of the validation process

Undertaking the validation of procedures according to the type of procedures, standards in force and users’ rights.

Record of usage of procedures

To know and track the usage data of procedures.

Management dashboard

Quickly visualize the performance of your teams and track the progress of the status of approval and the usage of different procedures in real time.

Backup system

Possibility of having a backup system that allows to have permanent access to procedures in the PDF format.

Thanks to the CONFORMiT architecture, you can make the most of the advantages of a solution that ensures 100% adaptability to your environment on a day-to-day basis.

" Enjoy the benefits of mobility in procedures management"

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