Develop efficient strategies and monitor in real time the health of your management system

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Dashboards allow you to complete the process loop Plan, Do, Check and Adjust.

Identifying and setting up relevant management indicators are vital steps in the elaboration of efficient strategies, but it is equally important to have clear visibility over them.

Management dashboards simplify the analysis of performance indicators in real time and the generation of reports. They provide a precise picture of the health of the management system.

In addition to having a clear diagnosis of the situation, these indicators enable you to evaluate the risks of an accident occurring and to even make comparisons between your installations. Data visualization tools provide information that is vital for an efficient EHS strategy enabling informed and accurate decision-making, thus creating a safe work place.

You can thus control your improvement measures in a more focused manner and enhance efficiency.


Create and easily manage your dashboards for an overview of your key indicators.



Proven features for a complete management system

Management and customization of dashboards

Configure your dashboards according to the information that is important to your strategy. You will achieve customized analyses for increased efficiency and results. Organize your results rapidly and actively for a simple analysis, at just one glance.


Improve your knowledge of all the issues related to your workplace conditions and to professional exposures in order to be able to effectively evaluate your performance. The indicators enable you to assess risks and the likelihood of incidents occurring in your organization and also help you to compare different installations.


Get a diagnosis of the situation and control your enhancement actions in a focused manner. Promptly visualize the performances of your teams, monitor your plans of actions and corrective measures in real time. Improve your efficiency and take the right decisions.


Prioritize the corrective measures based on a precise schedule. Implement these measures and compile the actions that are completed.

With the management of the dashboards, CONFORMiT guarantees your organization efficiency and proactivity in your strategic risk management plan and a better management of all your EHS programs implemented with the help of the software.

" Enjoy the benefits of mobility in dashboards management. "

Online and Offline modes

iOS and Android portability



Manage dashboards with CONFORMiT

Process safety management indicators are an important step in developing efficient strategies. With CONFORMiT, dashboard management will allow you to complete the "plan, do, check, act" process loop. 

In addition to providing information on the health status of your environment, health and safety management system, the safety indicators help to assess the risks of an accident occurring and even make comparisons between facilities.

With dashboard management, CONFORMiT ensures efficiency and proactivity in the strategic plan of risk management and better management of all EHS programs implemented using the software in your organization.


Proven features for a complete management system


Management of dashboards models

Configure the dashboards models according to the information you wish to know.

Data compilation

Organize the results quickly to analyze them at a glance.