Manage audits and inspections with CONFORMiT

Audits involves verification of safety compliance with a regulation, law or an internal policy. Practiced more often, inspection enables to verify, using a check list, the compliance tasks associated to a process or equipment.

Every saftey solutions with audits and inspection management facilitates the tasks related to preparation and implementation of audits as well as data compilation.

With the management of audits and inspections, CONFORMiT ensures efficiency and proactivity in the strategic plan of risk management and better management of all EHS programs implemented using the safety solution in your organization.


Proven features for a complete management system


Creation of audits or inspection forms

Create forms that can be reused.

Management of non-compliance

Monitor and correct the regulatory and legal discrepancies.

Management of field observations

Conduct an audit or inspection in an efficient manner on paper or on a mobile device.

Data compilation

Organise the results quickly to analyze at a glance.