Machine safety management from strategy to operations

Machine safety management involves managing the risks of accidents and injuries in the presence of dangerous machinery. Effective management can control or eliminate hazards that could cause serious accidents and costly production losses for businesses. The analysis and optimization of processes, measures and safety devices are core aspects of the approach and helps ensure efficient safety solutions.

Machine safety management will enable you to

  • Know which machines are at risk and prioritize actions.
  • Standardize the risk analysis method for everyone.
  • Manage the entire analysis process.
  • Identify the risks and develop the risk reduction measures to be introduced.
  • Manage the duties of the different parties involved in implementing the measures.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the measures, until the acceptance of residual risk.
  • Inform workers about the measures and the residual risks.
  • Regularly revalidate the effectiveness of the measures.


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