What is the EHS Organizational Culture?

Organizational Culture is the sum of values, beliefs, current practices, traditions and meanings that are linked to the continuation of your mission and which, when incorporated throughout the course of your organization’s history, gives your company its unique character while simultaneously orienting its nature and mobilizing your managers and workers. In some ways it is the core personality of the collective DNA of your organization.

Organizational culture can be seen in daily activities that influence the actions of your managers and employees in the application of preventive measures. When health, safety and environment become PRIMARY VALUES at the workplace, the behavior of each actor is defined by benevolence, self-protection, protection of one’s team members, of the organization and of the community as a whole.

By promoting best work practices in EHS, you will have a positive influence on the quality, the work environment and on the productivity of your teams. To achieve this, you will have to implement a human performance program that focuses on health, safety and environment.

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Transform your EHS culture by improving the EHS human performance management process. Opt for a computerized solution for your global management and obtain measurable efficiency and productivity gains.

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Computerized management of your entire EHS organizational culture program allows you to improve the operational efficiency of your teams and ensures health and safety.

Labor planning

Maximize your organizational opportunities by identifying your staff members who prove to be assets and reduce your organization’s vulnerability by identifying employees and work stations involving risks.

Skill development

Simplify the employee training program management by including profiles based on the work station or the function, individual training records as well as the main budget reports required.

Evaluation and assessment

Determine EHS’s expectations with regard to the performance and interpersonal skills of each staff member for the following year besides documenting facts that support quarterly and annual assessments. Make each employee the best!

Recruitment and allocation

Simplify the different stages of the recruitment and allocation process. Carry out the drafting, posting and updating of job descriptions with ease. Maintain updated records of dynamic evaluation of working conditions in accordance with roles, responsibilities and requirements of each position.

Safety based on behavior

Based on structured and documented daily observations, record and rapidly analyze effective behavior patterns and immediately rectify those practices that involve risks. This will enable you to develop a plan of action that promotes continuous improvement of safety conditions.

Change management

Implement a strategy that is adapted to changes that need to be made according to factual data produced in real time, based on the concerns of your colleagues, organizational dynamics and mobilization indicators.

Dynamic profiles and mobilization

Identify dynamic profiles among your staff members, determine their level of accountability and customize a plan for leadership development that is suited to everyone.

Safety based on leadership

Familiarize your front-line supervisors with concepts of mobilizing and empowering EHS resources and equip them with intervention techniques adapted to different management contexts.
With the help of its EHS culture transformation tools, CONFORMiT enables you to improve the operational efficiency of your teams while assuring their health and safety


Transform the health, safety and environmental culture in your company and visibly improve the four pillars of human performance.

Improve the safety conditions of your teams

CONFORMiT ensures health and safety improvement at each step of the production process, which encourages each employee to become aware of his own safety, that of his colleagues and of the organization as a whole.

Reduce information access time

The CONFORMiT lockout management features not only facilitate and considerably accelerate access to documents but also ensure greater accessibility and portability at all times.

Increase the productivity of each employee

CONFORMiT reduces production time that is usually lost due to lack of information or proper organization. The measurable time gained can go up to 90 minutes per day per employee!

Improve interpersonal relationships at work

CONFORMiT promotes mutual assistance and the team spirit among your employees by identifying and encouraging behavior that is conducive to mutual prevention.