A comprehensive EHS service offer

Consultation in Environment, Health and Safety

To help you in your strategies

CONFORMiT and its certified partners offer support in the implementation of your EHS programs and strategies. Through regulatory monitoring and the implementation of audits, our team can assist you in optimizing your processes.



For optimal use of CONFORMiT software

The member companies of the CONFORMiT ecosystem offer various trainings, both for using CONFORMiT software as well as for effective management of various areas of environment, health, and safety.

Change management

For eliminating problems

CONFORMiT experts offer consultation services and tools for seamless change management in your organizations, guiding you in establishing strategies to ensure the success of the implementation of your environment, health and safety project.


Integration of various domains in environment, safety and health

For a functional system

CONFORMiT and its partners propose various services to integrate the software with day-to-day activities of the organisation effectively.

  • Physical identification and drafting of lockout sheets
  • Physical identification and drafting of entry permits in confined spaces
  • Inspection of your program
  • Audits on compliance
  • Etc.
  • Legal monitoring

    To remain in the forefront

    CONFORMiT partner ecosystem ensures to maintain current knowledge of legal and regulatory aspects in terms of environment, health and safety. Legal and regulatory monitoring services offered.