For a complete Environment, Health and Safety management

CONFORMiT is a comprehensive business solution that has been helping companies to reduce their risk of accidents for almost 30 years. In operation around the world, CONFORMiT is a global and centralized management software that allows companies to be compliant with standards and laws (OSHA, OHSAS, ANSI, CSA) and increase productivity.

With over 400,000 users worldwide and a world-class ecosystem of certified partners, CONFORMiT is the environment, health and safety software that meets the requirements of all industry sectors. From the senior corporate management to workers in the field, each individual in the organization benefits from using this solution.

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To reduce the risk of accidents

To improve productivity

To comply with standards and regulations

To create an EHS culture

Our EHS management Software

An industry-proven platform

CONFORMiT is primarily a computerized Environment, Health and Safety platform in the Workplace (EHS). In development for almost 30 years addressing the needs of large organizations, CONFORMiT manages the processes and materials that lead to a sound and effective EHS management.

Developed according to management systems dictated by international standards (Plan, Do, Check, Act) CONFORMiT enables complete management of all areas related to the EHS, such as lockout, work in confined spaces, industrial hygiene, working at heights, environmental compliance, etc.

Our EHS Services

Experienced partners

CONFORMiT is also a full range of services related to environment, health and safety management. With our team of experts and our ecosystem of certified partners across the world, CONFORMiT can help you throughout the implementation of your EHS management system.

  • Environment, health and safety consultation
  • Training services
  • Implementation services of lockout system and confined space
  • Engineering Services
  • Etc.