CONFORMiT annonce la nomination de son nouveau PDG et continue son expansion à l’international
October 18, 2017
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November 14, 2017

CONFORMiT announces the appointment of its new President & CEO and continues its international expansion

Erci Desbiens_Conformit

CONFORMiT today announces the appointment of Mr. Eric Desbiens as President and CEO of CONFORMiT.

Repeated entrepreneur and former manager with the multinational Accenture in Germany, Mr. Desbiens returned to his native region in 2015 to ensure a seamless succession to the company and propel it into the big leagues.

The studies indicate that there is a market of 1 billion for EHS software in 2018. We are currently putting everything in place to get a large share of this market and reach a turnover of 50 million. It should be noted that our research and development is moving more and more towards artificial intelligence and towards the connected worker (Internet of things, augmented reality, etc.), which will stand us out from the competition,” explains Eric Desbiens.

The recent acquisition of InterFORCES software, the opening of a subsidiary in the United States, the company’s participation in the Government of Canada’s next AI-powered supply chain supercluster, and the signing of several major partnerships in the last few months are signs of the company’s growth.

In addition, CONFORMiT’s participation in the PerforME program, which aims to encourage innovative and exporting companies to create wealth, helps the team to move forwards and stand out. “We are very proud to have been chosen in 2015 to be part of the Government of Québec’s PerforME strategy. Today, this program helps us to focus our priorities and our action plan to make our mark on international markets, “concludes Eric Desbiens.