CONFORMiT accelerates its international growth and acquires an innovative risk assessment SaaS solution

CONFORMiT reinforces its leadership position in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental risk management with the acquisition of Dilygence Apps Inc.
November 3, 2020
Why involve your employees in risk analysis?
November 27, 2020

Newark, DE, United States - November, 2020  



CONFORMiT Technology Corp acquires Dilygence Apps Inc.

Dilygence has developed a game-changing risk analysis management software that is years ahead of its time. It is predictive, easy to use, and a perfect complement to the CONFORMiT EHS platform. Their risk analysis software is designed to reduce accidents and improve productivity. It also provides a complete history of incidents and actions taken (full accountability), that can mitigate against potential lawsuit.

CONFORMiT provides software for the management of health and safety of the workforce in businesses of all sizes. Their EHS management software not only saves lives and reduces injuries in the workplace, but by integrating with a company’s Enterprise system, it also makes it easy to comply with standards, regulations, laws and best practices. They provide tools to EHS teams to design risk mitigation protocols, thereby streamlining safety and boosting productivity. By adding Dilygence’s risk analysis management software to its offerings, it is able to add another layer of accident prevention.

The two companies together provide a complete solution in any high-risk industries wishing to digitize and streamline their EHS protocols. Most businesses see an ROI in less than 6 months, mostly due to frictionless implementation of safety processes into operations’ activities.

Our clients will quickly benefit from the synergy of our two companies. Beyond the software, passionate individuals are joining our team to continue our growtand revolutionize the world of health, safety and environmental management

Éric Desbiens, President and CEO of CONFORMiT.

CONFORMiT can now provide a consistent business offering aimed right at productivity, while continuously achieving compliance and supporting digital change management.

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CONFORMiT is a leader in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management solutions, which promotes worker excellence in risk management. For over 30 years, CONFORMiT has integrated safety with operational excellence. It streamlines implementation of risk mitigation strategies to boost productivity of operations and maintenance.
Dilygence produces health and safety risk analysis software providing assessment, prevention and control of workplace risks. It uses one of the top three risk analysis methodologies in the world to provide the most complete, objective and easy to use interfaces on the market.Co-founded by Philippe Moreau, the Canadian company Dilygence joined CONFORMiT in October 2020.

Risk Analysis : 6 Golden Steps


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Centralize your information, ensure all the data integrity with a secure remote access 100% available, at all time.
Implement the arborescence of your different sites and projects according to your needs and realities.
Manage your risks inventory to ensure traceability and immediate access to your risks history.
Easily compile information and extract customised and detailed reports in just a few clicks.
Automatically measure and prioritise all you risks with one of the most performing risk calculation method on the market.
Ease your process with consistent workflow and notifications to involve all your employees
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