Sophie-Laurence H. Lauzon

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July 14, 2017
Waste Management

Waste material management: Prioritization of actions for a better management system

The generation of waste material is an integral feature of the human mode of life and of organizational activities. Commonly considered as refuse and trash, waste materials are often considered as materials that no longer have any value. Yet, already since the last few decades, the concept of waste-resource is tending to change the ways in which waste materials management is conceptualized. The idea that waste materials are resources whose value can be enhanced comes from the concept according to which matter produced in nature in the form of closed loops is constantly recycled. However, numerous challenges still exist in the way of a healthy management of these materials.


The management of waste materials is not a minor affair. Apart from generation of waste, the problem often occurs in the superficial management of such materials where there is little or no consideration of their environmental consequences. Viewed from a …

February 28, 2017

Environmental management beyond compliance

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Canadian, Mexican and American governments have shown, through the intervention of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), their desire to further promote the rational use of the Environmental Management System (EMS). They want all organizations to put in place environmental management systems that not only ensure environmental compliance with legislations, but also help them improve their environmental performance. Compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to the environment is one thing, but surpassing the requirements is another. An improved environmental performance at all levels cannot be achieved only by complying with current requirements.


Organizations have moral responsibilities towards society and the environment that go beyond legislative compliance. From this perspective, it is important for organizations to develop a much larger vision about what really is environment management and innovate accordingly. To that end, a structured and rigorous approach for the establishment of