Mario Saucier

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November 28, 2016

ABC of EHS Standards in North America

The mission of the standardisation bodies is, in the broadest sense, to offer solutions to help manufacturers, retailers, regulatory authorities and consumers operate safely in today’s constantly changing world. Several areas are covered by these standards.  At CSA, for example, we find mechanical and industrial equipment, construction and engineering, information technology and telecommunications, infrastructure and public works, electricity, energy, security and community welfare, health care, production management systems, environment and health and safety at work.

The products developed are mainly standards and implementation tools such as guides and guidelines. They complement the laws and regulations drawn up by the various jurisdictions in North America.

In addition, in most specific jurisdictions as well as internationally, the standards are applicable from very wide to very specific application areas: from management systems, programs, categories of items, machinery, down to equipment parts. The standards for occupational health and safety, and the environment also come …